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Winter Care of Tubers

Dahlias are grown in many climate zones, and there are options for the best care during the winter. If you need to remove the tubers from the ground, be sure you have a cool, dark storage place to protect them from freezing.

In some areas, tubers can be left in the ground during winter. However, after a year or two, they may have multiplied so abundantly that it's difficult to see where to divide them later; without damaging the growth buds.

It might be desirable to dig, divide and store them every winter, and essential if you want to share or trade them. But all the proper storage and attention can be wasted if the tubers are not divided in a way that protects and retains the growth buds. Find advice for dividing tubers on our links page under Some Useful Advice

There are recommendations to store the tubers in vermiculite, but you may have heard warnings about asbestos in vermiculite. Some information about vermiculite can be found at the Agency for Toxic Substances.

When dividing, make sure the crown isn't removed from the tuber, or there will be no buds for next year.

Crown of a divided dahlia tuber with growth buds

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